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Getty Villa

When I moved to LA in 1999, the Getty Villa was closed for renovations.
On Thursday I was finally able to visit the Getty Villa since it’s reopening in 2006.
I decided to bring my DSLR but I had forgotten to charge the battery.
Here are a few memorable moments with my iPhone, Camera+, and Instagram.

The Getty Villa
July 11, 2013

The Getty Villa  #latergram

The Getty Villa entrance

Amphitheater floor

Me walking on the Amphitheatre floor... "Friends, Romans, countrymen... lend me your ears!"


Lavender found in the herbal garden on our culinary tour.

Roman Chamomile

A field of Roman Chamomile.

Be like the pond

Purple lilies in enchanted pond.

Beautiful colors

Complementary and contrasting colors


Tiny purple flowers in the herb garden

Seaside view

Seaside view for the memorial site of J. Paul Getty.

I wanted to lay on that rock too!

The gardens, pool, and colonnade entrance of the Getty Villa


Lotus flower in a fountain.

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