“Damn these are fantastic! Looking like some Watermanns!! Haha . Seriously great photos.” – Joe Fulginiti

“The next Herman Leonard. Your work has such a particularly beautiful feel to it, I know it’s yours before I know it’s yours.” – Micki Hassemer

“Hey Dee. Thank you so much for taking such stunning photos at the Viper Room. You are extremely talented and will go very far with your photography. It was great to see you, as always. Lots of love. ” – Caitlin Dahl

“You are so beautiful Diana. You’re so artistic and giving. We appreciate the pictures and your magic touch. Thank you. Xoxox” – Melinda Dahl

“Is that where you escape to? You run off and shoot magic!” – Veronica Thomas

“Diana, thank you for all the kind words, love and your support!! The pictures are amazing!!” – Elan Atias

“Great work, very talented photographer, great feeling” – Neil Zlozower

“lens living…” – Dean Wick

“Amazing! Geez you are coming w/ the skills! Love it!” – Anthony Valadez

“Beautiful!” – Neil Gaiman

“Wow great picture!! You inspire me so much.” – Nick Rosen

“Your Hands. You capture beautiful pictures that are still breathing long after they are taken. Peaceness.” – Ronnie McQueen

“Bar photography is HARD– you do it well! I love the spirit you capture in these photos.” – Michelle O’Malley

“The depth and emotion of each picture is different yet all of them have their own little story.” – Jack Burthe

“Amazing ability to capture the life and personality of these people in a single image!” – Brett Thompson

“Diana’s work has always inspired me, thank you for being such an amazing artist D!” – Larry Thraen

“Amazing and inspiring!” – Reena Shah

“Your photos amaAaaaaaze me.” – Gabrielle Marianna Lagman

“Diana is amazing! Her eye is stellar, she knows how to capture the moment!” – Yonatan Elkayam

“I love it! you’re amazing. that little drawing on my board was made by my son when he was 2 years old and I have it on all my gear so it’s got a lot of meaning to me and you just captured it so well. thank you :)” – Rod Castro

“Thanks Diana Ming Jeong for capturing this great night. And it was so dark in there….you must have the fastest hands in the west!” – Robby Marshall

“Wow Diana! Thanks for all of your incredible work!!!!!!!!!!” – Miguel Atwood-Ferguson