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Huntington Gardens | A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day
Huntington Gardens
May 9, 2015

The new Huntington Gardens

In the beautiful desert garden

Beautiful and fragrant

A bee!

A different kind of bee!

Top of a cactus

A bee in a cactus flower

The colors are so beautiful... An apricot color toned flower cactus

A goose and koi fish at the Lily Ponds

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Spring at the Huntington Gardens

Spring at the Huntington Gardens
March 29, 2014

I live so close to the Huntington that I can get there at 3:30 and still have time to see all this beauty in an hour.

My backyard :) @TheHuntington

Beauty at @thehuntington @olloclip #macro

Butterfly @thehuntington  @olloclip #wideangle

Caterpillar @TheHuntington  @olloclip #macro #beauty

Butterfly wings are so beautiful.  @thehuntington @olloclip #macro

Better than a painting.  @thehuntington @olloclip #wideangle

Hello, Mr. Lizard! @thehuntington @olloclip #wideangle

Wabi sabi...  @thehuntington @olloclip #wideangle

Perfection  @thehuntington @olloclip #wideangle

Camelias @thehuntington @olloclip #wideangle

So beautiful  @thehuntington @olloclip #wideangle

The visual layers of these flowers,  stems, and leaves mesmerize me. @thehuntington

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Happiness | Sunland, CA

March 23, 2014
Sunland, CA

Today has been a beautiful day.

Hummingbirds, lizards, birds, gophers, bonsai, roses, daisies, friends, and good eats!
Homemade pasta sauce with sausage over rigatoni topped with grated Romano cheese
Honey tamari sriracha hot wings (gluten free)
Apple bunt cake (gluten free)

Thank you Master Josh and Seth for opening your home to us.
Here are a few photos. Enjoy!

Grasshopper eating Japanese Maple flowers.  #sunland #macro @olloclip #grasshopper #happiness #grateful365

African Daisy @olloclip #macro #happiness #grateful365

Tiny cactus flower  @olloclip #macro #happiness #grateful365





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Yellow Rose

Beautiful yellow roses from @bstreb <3

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Magic Flowers

Christy gave me beautiful flowers on my birthday December 17 and on this day they are still thriving.
They must be magic flowers.

My magic flowers from @cscmarshall are still going strong since December 17! @olloclip #macro

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@wongej is so sweet! She went to Thailand and we all got a little gift. Love the #elephant

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Hearts & Unicorns

My new measuring spoons that I bought from Bristol Farms

I love my new measuring spoons! #love

A Unicorn bank from Target

Do I need a #unicorn bank?

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Happy Birthday Jason!

Happy Early Birthday Jason!
Aren’t you glad I didn’t say belated?

Burgers and drinks at Lucy’s 151 in Toluca Lake!

Happy Early Birthday Jason!

Mmmm Lucy's Burger!

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From Munich with Love

I love my forever friends @lokified and @tanjerineorange ... from Munich with love

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